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Gender (or Sex) Discrimination Does Not Belong in the Workplace. Turn to Rhode Island Attorney Matthew J. Brier for Help

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Gender bias is prohibited on both the federal and state levels, yet the number of gender discrimination claims is still alarmingly high. Employers continue to believe they have the power – and right – to make choices based on a person’s gender. These choices include:

  • Hiring decisions
  • A basis for firing or dismissal
  • Decisions that impact compensation


Gender discrimination is real in RI, but you face an uphill battle

Half a century ago, gender discrimination was far more obvious than it is today. In present time, it’s more challenging for a victim of gender bias to prove his or her case. Often times, circumstantial evidence must be used, which can limit your chances of winning a settlement.

The many sides of gender discrimination

Gender discrimination isn’t as outwardly obvious today as it was years ago. These days, gender discrimination can appear in more subtle ways, including:

  • Stereotyping
  • Dress code implementations
  • Grooming codes or requirements
  • Sex-plus policies (such as discriminating against someone based on marital status, pregnancy, or parenthood)

However, working with an experienced unemployment attorney, such as Matthew J. Brier, can give you the level of support and expertise you need to win your case. Even with a reliance on circumstantial evidence, Brier is well versed in Rhode Island case law, as well as the complicated court systems. His passion and education will help you prove your case while holding your offenders responsible.


You don’t have to continue to be a victim of gender discrimination

State and federal laws protect men and women from sexual harassment, while ensuring equal pay. If you’re a victim of gender discrimination in Rhode Island, seek the expertise of Attorney Matthew J. Brier today.