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Non-Compete Agreements, Non-Solicit and Non-Disclosure Agreements in Rhode Island

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Why do businesses use a non-compete agreement in Rhode Island?


During the course of a normal business day, many employees likely encounter valuable trade secrets and confidential information. The only way a business owner can be certain that this information is protected – if and when an employee departs – is theoretically through the use of a non-compete agreement.


In Providence and Bristol Counties, many businesses rely on non-compete agreements to protect their business. With a non-compete agreement, former employees will not be able to have an unfair advantage over their former company due to confidential information. Non-competes are often accompanied by non-solicit and non-disclosure agreements.


Are you the victim of an unfair non-compete agreement?


More and more Rhode Island businesses are integrating non-compete agreements into their employee contracts. This is a shift from earlier times, when these agreements were primarily used for key employees.


As a result, more and more employees (who don’t have access to confidential information) are being restricted from seeking employment with their former company’s competitors. The frustrating part is you’re likely highly qualified to work with these competitors, but are essentially being told you can’t continue your career path. As a result of an unfair non-compete agreement, you’re left with few options to make a living. You shouldn’t be expected to start a new career, nor relocate, just because you no longer work at one specific company.



Attorney Matthew J. Brier will fight for your right against unfair non-compete agreements in Rhode Island


These days, employers include extremely restricting non-compete agreements into contracts without much care or consideration for how this may affect the future of their employees. But by not agreeing to specific clauses in an employee contract, you’re increasing the likelihood of not being hired for that company.


How is this fair? Attorney Brier doesn’t think it is, which is why he’s committed more than two decades toward fighting for the rights of employees throughout Providence and Bristol Counties.


If you think you’ve been the victim of an unfair non-compete agreement, contact Attorney Brier today. He’ll look over your claim and let you know what steps should be taken so that you can win back your livelihood and move forward with your career.

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If you’re a business owner, are you certain your non-compete agreements holds up under scrutiny?

Non-compete agreements are often a vital part of business operations. However, are you certain that your non-compete agreement is enforceable in Rhode Island?

While generally speaking your agreement is likely enforceable, there are a number of reasons why these agreements fail to hold credence under scrutiny. That’s where Attorney Matthew J. Brier comes in – to make sure your agreements are built solid, from the ground up, so that they’ll hold up to the dissection of legal proceedings and appeals.

Contact Attorney Matthew J. Brier today to learn how he can help you create a bulletproof non-compete agreement for your Rhode Island business.