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Rhode Island Severance Agreements and Employee Contracts

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Are your rights being protected in an event of a downsizing, firing of if you’ve been laid off? There once was a time when employers would grant their employees rather impressive severance packages (also known as golden parachutes) without much ado. These days, however, severance agreements usually come with a price, in the form of a release. These releases range from non-competes to non-solicitations, executive employment agreements and more.

Before you put pen to paper on any agreement, it’s important that you seek the counsel of an experienced employment law attorney in Rhode Island, who can cut through the legalese and tell you how you’ll be affected by signing your name.


Attorney Matthew J. Brier – Expert in Severance Agreements and Employee Contracts

One of the ugly truths about severance packages is that they’re often used as a tool to prevent an employee from ever being able to file a lawsuit against an employer in the future. The package, in essence, serves as a peace of mind to the employer. But it can come at your expense.

How can you be sure that the severance agreement you’re about to sign is designed for your best interest? With his long history of experience in employment law, Attorney Brier will weigh out all possible scenarios to ensure you make the choice that’s best for your future.


Severance agreements shouldn’t hurt. Attorney Brier will protect you from harm

Whenever you’re presented with a large sum of money (or the promise of that money), it’s easy to overlook the fine print of a contract or agreement. It’s natural to get caught up in the moment and not take the time to process the repercussions involved in signing your name to a document. Many workers over the age of 40, for example, fail to consider the parameters of the Older Worker Benefits Protection Act (OWBPA), which imposes certain requirements for the release of claims to be valid.

That’s why it’s in your best interest to contact Rhode Island Attorney Matthew J. Brier if you’ve been presented with a severance package or employee contract. Contact Attorney Brier today to learn more about your rights as an employee – or former employee – in Rhode Island.