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If you suffer a personal injury, one of the first questions that you might ask is “How much is my case worth?”. There are many factors that can determine how large of a settlement that your case will produce. We’ve got 4 of the most major determining factors for you right here!

  1. Lost income or future wages loss

If you are unable to work while you recover or you will be incapable of completing your job due to the injury, the property owner is responsible for this loss. You are be entitled to compensation for the income that you already lost, and any projected loss of income you will suffer from due to the accident.  The term for this type of compensation is “loss of earning capacity”. Your recovery should not be strained by financial issues, particularly just because you are unable to go to work because of an injury.

  1. Medical Expenses

The medical bills that are necessitated by the injury are the property owner’s responsibility to cover. The reimbursement for medical expenses associated with the personal injury claim is a common component of compensatory payments. Whether it is only the past hospital or medical bills that the settlement is required to cover, or the future bills that will come from the injury, the settlement should cover any medical costs resulting from the personal injury.

  1. Disability Costs

A personal injury that results in a permanent disability means the settlement must cover the cost of any disability costs. A permanent paralysis that confines you in a wheelchair will result in major expenses for physical therapy and home renovations to accommodate you. These bills can place a financial strain on you and your family, and can only add to the stress that you are experiencing. In addition, you may not be able to work, which means a steady paycheck may not be coming in. A personal injury settlement, if it includes proper compensation, should cover the expenses required to adjust to your disability.

  1. Pain and Suffering Compensation

Pain and suffering that you experienced, not just physically, but emotionally are meant to be compensated by personal injury settlements. Not all injuries are visible. If you begin to suffer a debilitating phobia that keeps you from having a normal life, you deserve to have compensation. The only issue with this condition is that you must be able to prove that the pain and suffering you experienced was a result of the injury and not some other factor.

Each personal injury claim is different because of the nature of what they are: personal.  There is never a case that is exactly the same. Everyone’s body reacts differently to injury, everyone’s personal injury is different. No matter what your situation, if you are looking for a personal injury settlement, these factors can give you a better idea of what to look for in your personal case to get a better idea of how much you are owed.

For over 20 years, Attorney Matthew J. Brier has been serving the Providence, Pawtucket, Lincoln, Cumberland, Central Fall and North Providence areas. Attorney Brier is Providence and Bristol County’s personal injury attorney. Call 401-729-4600 or email brierlaw@aol.com.

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